warranty info
  • Sail Structures USA, a licensed & bonded company offers a one year warranty against any defects in materials and workmanship applicable to the installation of the sails, the poles and tensioning and structural systems. For shade structures, we offer only the highest-grade fabrics with a 90%+ UVA/UVB protection (% varies depending on color and fabric chosen).
  • Fabric suppliers and manufacturers generally offer either a 5 or 10 year warranty against degradation of the fabric due to exposure to UV - this depends on the fabric quality.
  • Shade sails, like boat sails, should receive ongoing preventative maintenance in order to maximize product life and reduce the risk of failure. Size and location of sails are important factors in determining maintenance frequency. Small problems with large exposed sails left un-attended, could quickly become big problems and lead to possible product failure and potential injury. For this reason we make these recommendations:
  • Regular inspections: As part of routine maintenance schedules, the sails, poles, fittings, footings etc. should be checked thoroughly. Sail Structures USA can do this for you at a small cost, or we can train your staff to perform these checks.
  • De-mount shade cloth sails at the end of summer if not required, and re-mount them at the beginning of the next summer. This will give you access to the welcome warmth of the winter sun while limiting mechanical stresses from high winds and therefore help prolong the life of the sails. Again, we can do this for you at a small cost (including storage of sails at our site) or train you or your maintenance staff. Any maintenance work required can be carried out at our facility prior to placing the sails into storage.
  • In the event of vandalism or unusually high winds - carry out an inspection. While a sail may appear to be OK after interference or being hit by extreme winds, there may be hidden damage. Damage may have occurred to the fabric, stitching, pole fittings, and footings, which while not immediately evident, can shorten the life of the structure if not attended to. Such damage can also increase the risk of personal injury.


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