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Standard configurations with options!

Choose your options and then call us. We will give you a price immediately without the need for you to make special appointments for us to visit your site. If our quotation is favorable to you, we will arrange for one of our professional staff to assess your site, confirm the quote, answer all your questions, and make any design alterations you may need to proceed with the project.

Please remember to mark the north direction of your site on your preferred option as this will guide us in designing a solution that will be the most effective.

Standard Configurations - General Specifications

- Commercial Shade Cloth, up to 98% UV protection (depending on color & brand) and limited water shelter (depending on slope angle of sail). Clean with high pressure water.
- PVC Shade Mesh, up to 92% UV protection. Wide range of colors, superior strength, uniform visual finish.
- Architectural Solid PVC provides full rain and sun protection. Requires adequate slope angle and fixing height to ensure water run off and avoid ponding.

Shade Cloth Sail - 1100 Denier Polyester Webbing, heat set for UV stabilization, rated to over 18KN breaking strain. Webbing is attached to the bottom side of the sail for protection from UV and the elements (helps prevent dirt build up from pollen etc.) using UV stabilized and rot proof industrial polyester/cotton.
PVC Sails - Stainless steel wire rope is fed through a pocket around the perimeter of the sail for added strength.

Marine grade rope is the standard connection method allowing simple removal, fitting re-tensioning and minimal distance from sail fixing point. Alternatives include: chain (gal or stainless steel), web load restraints, stainless steel shackles & turnbuckles.

Various brackets are utilized to attach to buildings and structures depending on the condition of the structure and the shape required. Brackets have been engineered and fabricated by a licensed steel fabricator and galvanized for protection from the elements. They are designed to spread load over larger areas. For larger sails additional poles may be required in place of building attachments.

Options include: Square Poles, Round Poles, Flush finish welded plate (flat or sloping requires protective coating) and Powder Coated finish. Multiple attachment points on the pole allow for height adjustments of sails to suit changing sun angle.

Masts provide height variation where the existing structure is not high enough. While masts are shown in many of the configurations they may not be required for 2 storey building or buildings with high eaves. Masts are fitted to the roof or fascia and are generally guyed with stainless steel wire rope to transmit load to solid roof structures. Fascia masts cannot be fitted to metal fascia. Where roof masts are required for tiled roofs and metal fascia the mast must be fitted through the roof tiles and attached to a load bearing structure and sealed.

Sail Structures USA Shade Living offers 12 months warranty against faulty workmanship. Sail Structures USA Shade Living has been installing shade structures and sails for over 10 years and have pioneered many of the designs and production techniques utilized.

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