fabric features

Fabrics are available in a wide range of colors to meet every need. Fabric Choices:

Please note: Colors may not reproduce accurately on different computers so please use these samples as a guide only, and make your final fabric color selection based on actual samples


  • Knitted or woven lightweight and durable fabric with a life expectancy exceeding 10 years.
  • Up to 99% UVA/B protection (varies with color) while allowing warm air to pass through rather than being trapped underneath. Note -UV protection figures are claimed by fabric manufacturers and most often in a non tensioned state.
  • Creates a cool and inviting environment.
  • Economical and attractive solution.
  • Will run-off a large portion of rainwater provided well designed fall angles etc.
  • A wide range of mesh shade cloth products are available many claiming or branded as commercial - few are suitable for use as tensioned membrane fabrics. We often replace sails, which are only 3 or 4 years old that were produced with these lightweight fabrics. We recommend and use only extra heavy-duty commercial fabrics with proven track records.

Fire Rating

  • F/R  Fire rated shadecloth & PVC's available. Surpassing ASTM-E 84, NFPA-701 Largo Scale, CAFM-701 Small Scale.
  • Fire Rated Materials increase production cost 50-200%.

PVC Mesh

  • All the attributes of shadecloth but a smoother finish and typically stronger than shadecloth.
  • Resists "drooping" in the middle of the sail.
  • Approx. 50% more expensive than shadecloth for any given area.


  • Suitable where full waterproofing is an essential requirement.
  • Only use architectural fabrics (tarp and other industrial fabrics may be cheaper but they will stretch in high temperature conditions then fill with rain water - creating bird baths but a bad look.
  • Significantly higher tension loads required to support the much heavier (than shadecloth) fabric. Accordingly, larger poles, footings, brackets and ultimately higher cost.
  • Typically 4 to 5 times the price of a similar shadecloth solution (depending on area covered).




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